Several people, some of them obvious kneejerk Fox supporters, have pointed out that other networks have faults too, and all have a point, but the Key Point remains:

Something Needs to be Done about Fox.

Politicizing masks, social distancing, and vaccines will be remembered as the greatest and most murderous crime against Humanity of the century.

Everyone that works for Fox is either a vile charlatan or hopelessly INSANE!

The airwaves don't belong to broadcasters - they belong to the people. Communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable are regulated by the Federal Government, although this has often been done quite poorly and even disastrously, especially under the previous @GOP administration.

Corrupt Rich villains get away with buying up entire networks, TV and radio stations, and newspapers to spread their propaganda, for the sake of greed for more wealth and power.

The First Amendment is the keystone to our Democracy, but NO ONE has the "right" to "shout 'FIRE!' in a theatre", or to freely promote a political "culture" with lies and deception. While limitations on Free Speech would be anathema to nearly all Americans, we need a means to label lies and misleading information for what they are and for all to see.

My suggestion is that we need to de-politicize the FCC, so that the FCC can objectively designate specific sources or programs to be labeled as sources of frequent lies, misleading information, and other deception, using permanent onscreen banners, just as the State Department requires Chinese stations to do, or, for audio-only broadcasts, insertion of frequent audio warnings.


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