Fix Congress - Prohibit Consecutive Terms - Replace corrupt career politicians with Mr. Smiths

Replace term limits with a prohibition on consecutive terms and on fund raising or campaigning for a successor while in office. Reduce motivation to commit election fraud.

Political experience should lead to statesmanship, but instead generally leads to more adept corruption. Replace career politicians with Mr. Smiths by prohibiting consecutive terms (via Constitutional amendment if necessary). In the interim, make single-term a campaign plank promise.

Representatives need to do the people's work, not base every decision on getting corporate money to bamboozle the voters and get re-elected. If the people see good results from their work, they can always run again after a one term hiatus, during which they would have the opportunity to stay in touch with the actual needs and wishes of their constituents. There will always be plenty of experienced bureaucrats to keep things running smoothly.

No anonymous contributions over $100. No corporate contributions.

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