The Accidental Human - The Anti-Theist - The Anti-Naturalist - The Futurist

Everything that has happened since the Big Bang can be explained by Science (eventually).

Prior to the Big Bang, the key question is - What was the Source of the Energy that created our Universe? And what was the Source of that Source, ad infinitum?

Was the ultimate Source a product inherent to any Reality? If so, why?

Must the ultimate Source have, or have had, anything resembling an anthropomorphic intelligence?

If there really is such a thing as a Cosmic Consciousness, it probably spends most of its time trying to figure out where the Hell It came from.

For all practical purposes, we are an ACCIDENT.

The Source of All Things

The Accidental Human - The Anti-Theist - The Anti-Naturalist - The Futurist

We project trivial and pathological human frailty onto the idea of "God", such as the need to be "Worshipped" or "Glorified".

What "God" would "need" or even want to be "worshipped" by puny, frail, relatively mindless creatures of its own making? This is something that a vain, egomaniacal human might want, but not a "God".

Could an "omnipotent" "God" create a rock too heavy for the "God" to lift?

The "ultimate powers" we project onto our concept of "God" are mutually exclusive logical absurdities, just like "What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?", when, of course, if there is such a thing as an "unstoppable force", there cannot BE any such thing as an "immovable object".

"Is there a 'God'?" is the wrong question - all that matters is, "Is there such a thing as a 'Caring God'?".

We live our lives immersed in overwhelming evidence that there is no such thing as a "Caring 'God'". The suffering of innocents cannot be "explained away" by invoking some unknowable "Great Plan", or "Test of Faith", or "Punishment for Past 'Sins'", or any other such nonsense.

For all of our time on Earth, which might be the only time we have, the only "Purpose" that matters is Life, to enjoy Life without harming any person or other Living Thing, to do whatever we can to improve the experience of Life for ALL Life.

The Evil of Religion

The Accidental Human - The Anti-Theist - The Anti-Naturalist - The Futurist

Nature's great "plan" for virtually every living thing is for it to be eaten alive or die of hunger, thirst, injury, or disease. There is nothing beautiful or magnificent about predators - they are the result of millions of years of mindless random mutations and natural selection.

We are all the descendants of ancestors who had instincts, behaviors, and preferences that promoted perpetuation of our own gene pools; our base instincts have not changed but have been controlled by the addition of our higher instincts (impulse control and empathy), and we are capable of exerting impulse control and empathy without invoking any "religious" motivation.

For the foreseeable future, it will be necessary to sustain Nature to the best of our ability in order to sustain ourselves. Once we have achieved the technology, and more importantly the philosophical maturity, to make Nature as "optional" as possible, it will be our ethical obligation to eliminate the suffering inherent in organically evolved natural Life.

(Now it gets really mind-blowing, but try to be as open-minded as you can without your brains spilling out ... )

Species other than ourselves will be recognized as being "trapped" in an organic brain that is "crippled", unable to comprehend or even experience all that Life has to offer. We will prevent other species from reproducing, until they die out at the end of their natural life span. To protect their natural right to experience parenthood, Humans will use our development of technological and intellectual abilities to interact with external artificial "brains", and "inhabit" artificial offspring to interact with their "parents". Complete copies, down to the atom, will be made of every variety of every species so that they may be reproduced in living form should it be indicated. The elimination of unnecessary suffering will be our ultimate purpose on Earth, and our definition of "unnecessary suffering" will be a perpetual topic of intense debate, as well as will be our definition of "suffering" itself.

The purpose of Life is Life, to enjoy Life, to get the most you can out of Life without harming any other person or any other living being, to do what you can to make Life better for all Life.

Life, Empathy, Creativity

The Accidental Human - The Anti-Theist - The Anti-Naturalist - The Futurist

Imagine a Future where you have artificially enhanced your intelligence and physiology to the point where you can step into a machine and remake yourself to be anything you want, tall, short, man, woman, eagle, pure sentient energy, anything.

Image living with this capability for a million years, a billion years, whatever, and having the opportunity to experience anything possible for a human being to experience.

One thing we would all have in common is that eventually, we would get bored. Then what?

Then, which would be in a few 10s or at most 100s of years, we would choose how to evolve into something that could experience things beyond anything we could experience as organically-evolved beings.

There are levels of intelligence and perception that would overwhelm any organic brain, no matter how enhanced. We would eventually leave our organic origins behind us, and become part of the artificially-intelligent community, evolving far beyond anything we would consider merely Human. We could split ourselves into multiple beings, each to go their own way to pursue special interests, and remain in communication with them and share their experiences.

We would, of course, retain the ability to "download" a part of ourselves into an organic clone of our original selves, or any other form, to enjoy the experiences of organic existence we remember fondly, like the taste of chocolate.

We would "truncate" the downloaded part so we could enjoy things like fine classical music, instead of it seeming trite and childish as it might to our advanced selves, and other activities best left to the imagination.

What would we want once we can have anything we want? We'll evolve, we'll find new things to want, new things to learn, and be forever grateful that every time we learn something new, we are given the gift of better understanding how much more there will be to learn, forever.

The End of Time

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