The Rich

The Rich

I use "The Rich" as a pejorative term to refer to those who view everyone and everything as a resource to be exploited, have the means to do so, and feel they are entitled to do so.

This includes not only cynical exploiters but also "philanthropists" whose "gifts" are self-serving tax dodges and public relations ploys, or misguided endeavors encouraged by grifters, zealots, or other opportunistic bad actors who appeal to their narcissism.

I rely on context to make clear that I do not use "The Rich" to refer to the genuinely benevolent.

The Filthy, Cowardly Rich

At several points in history, Humans nearly went Extinct .

As things began to get bad, survival depended on cooperation, until things got so bad (Am I going to starve, or are you? Are my children going to starve or are yours?) that cooperation was replaced by ruthlessness.

When things eventually began to get better, most people naturally and eagerly went back to cooperation and left ruthlessness behind.

A few people took ruthlessness to heart forever.  They were the ancestors of today's filthy cowardly Rich, who will never "get over it".

Circumstances left the ancestors of the Rich with the most wealth; the Rich are the least likely to suffer deprivation, but they are pathologically obsessed with their inherited illogical fear of imagined deprivation, and allow their insanity to control everything they do, to the detriment of all of the rest of us.

The thing to remember about "Old Money" is that, just like anything else, the older it is, the dirtier it is.  A "culture" of piracy; murder; slavery; expolitation of addiction - including alcohol, tobacco, and sugar as well as illegal drugs; and other theft and deception and other crimes, is the root of excessive wealth.

The Rich inherit and are taught one particular Big Lie - that they somehow "deserve" to have elite privileges, that the rest of us only exist to serve them, and those that do not serve them are nothing but a burden.

The Rich see everything and everyone around them as a resource to exploit, including each other.

The Rich try to use "Socialism" as a scare word, which only works to leverage stupid people with another agenda (racism); unfortunately, there are many of them.  Everything paid for with taxpayer dollars is "Socialism": Social Security, Medicare, schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, airports, other infrastructure, police, firefighters, the military, etc..

"Socialism" means "Tax the Rich", and it is about bloody time!

The Rich will never put the Greater Good ahead of Profit; the optics of their PR stunts and bungled attempts at token "philanthropy" notwithstanding.

The Rich try to beatify the "Free Market".  The Free Market has internal controls on greed and incompetence, but they only work over the long term and on global scales, not on short term or local scales where lives, businesses, and jobs are devastated every day.  Intense competent oversight is necessary, paid for by taxes on the Rich.

If @GOP had not stood in the way, the Texas power grid would have been upgraded years ago to weather the storm, and the Texas filthy Rich would be a little less filthy.

The Rich want depopulation.  The Rich depend on having a sufficient number of desperate people eager to serve them, but too many desperate people increases the chance of revolutions.  The Rich need just the right population size to optimize exploitation.

It would not be surprising to learn that the Rich are using weaponized COVID to kill as many people as possible.

The Rich need to be made to worry less about their vast hoards of Money and more about Guillotines.

The Founding Fathers did not envision small/rural States imposing their primitive zealotry on the rest of us.  This only works for the agendas of the Rich, such as keeping their toadies in office.  Each Senator's legislative voting power should reflect the number of citizens he actually represents, or the actual number that voted for him in his last election.

A single politically-motivated token $1400 check will help, especially with getting Dems re-elected, but that is NOTHING compared to Canadian LEADERSHIP providing $2000 EVERY MONTH to their constituents.  Dems promised to TAX THE RICH, and appear to be making some headway. A return to Ike's 95% tax on the Rich should be a national priority.

"TRICKLE DOWN" has never worked for anyone but the Rich, and never will!

"Thanks" to the Rich:  Schools cannot be reopened "safely" under any reasonable definition of "safely".

The greatest and most murderous crime of this century is the Rich's @GOP politicizing common-sense protections against the pandemic.

"Thanks" to the Rich:  With COVID variants, new viruses, newly weaponized viruses, & vaccines that only provide temporary immunity, we need to be moving quickly toward comfortable, affordable environmental suits for every person on the planet.

"Thanks" to the Rich and their Centuries of Criminal Exploitation and Incitement of Chaos:

in Turkey, Armenia, Russia, Crimea, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil ...

War is coming.

The new draft should start with the oldest, richest men (they can do the deskwork) and their offspring, and never touch our young men and women.

"Tax the Rich, and everything else will fall into place from there."

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