The Evil of Religion

Have you ever heard anything said in a "House of Worship" that is not exactly the same thing you would expect a con man to say when he is trying to get you to join or stay in his cult?

You expect a con man to make promises for which he will never be held accountable, claim credibility and even "authority" which he does not have, tell you what you want to hear and what comforts you, get you to do things against you own best interests to make you feel "invested" in his cult, and make you believe you will be "punished" for not doing what he tells you to do.

Religious cult leaders make promises for which they will never be held accountable, such as assuring you of the existence of an "afterlife", for which there is no evidence for or against, but is an assurance we deeply crave.

They assure you that, if you do what they tell you to do, you will enter an afterlife that conforms to your fantasies, such as an afterlife that is similar to the world you know but without any of the people or other things you fear or don't like (they'll be in "Hell"); that you will be "superior" to others, and "favored" by "God" or some other figure of superstition.

Religious cult leaders tell you that if an idea comforts you, then it is unnecessary and even "sinful" to think any more about it; that to question anything they say will get you sent to "Hell", and some are willing to kill you for questioning them.

Many cults depend on fear to keep them going, and demand that you actually stop thinking, despite the fact that thinking for yourself is the fundamental responsibility of any thinking being.

Religious cult leaders get you "invested" in their cult by convincing you to repress or give up many of the most important things in your life to demonstrate your "faithfulness".

They demand your money, your "respect", even your daughters.

They demand that you give up some of the best things in life, such as sex just for the fun of sex, and convince you that perfectly natural desires and other activities are somehow "sinful". They are especially hypocritical in this regard. After all, at heart they are grifters and sociopaths who enjoy doing harm to others.

They depend on your thinking "I gave up not only my money but sex for the fun of sex for this, so 'God' really owes me now.".

They use this thinking to perpetuate and exacerbate Humanity's greatest and most pervasive actual "sin", misogyny. They present themselves as somehow being "pious" by espousing that every woman should be under some man's thumb, that females are "lower beings", and making outrageous statements such as "a man cannot 'rape' his wife" and other attempts to "excuse" control and abuse of women, "women should not go to college because women should not be 'smarter than their husband'", and making other mindless pronouncements that show that they themselves belong in a mental institution.

This is all even more pernicious because many Religious cult leaders actually believe in their own con.

The last thing they want you to do is realize that we are all the descendants of ancestors who had instincts, behaviors, and preferences that promoted perpetuation of our own gene pools, that our base instincts have not changed but have been controlled by the addition of our higher instincts (impulse control and empathy), and we are capable of exerting impulse control and empathy without invoking any "religious" motivation.

They especially don't want you to realize that the purpose of Life is Life, to enjoy Life, to get the most you can out of Life without harming any other person or any other living being, to do what you can to make Life better for all Life.

Life, Empathy, Creativity. -- No "God" required.

"God"'s "Plan"

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