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(Sorry if this is too tedious for you super-users, but this is how I wish someone had explained these things to me before I trial-and-errored myself through all this stuff.)

Text Width and Font Size

Window Size



Non-Gender-Specific Singular Pronouns

Text Width and Font Size

In order to accommodate different display sizes, as well as individual visual limitations and preferences, text on this website is generally not locked into a single text line width.

Line width and text size may be adjusted as follows:

The upper right corner of your window will show either the MAXIMIZE symbol 🗖 or the OVERLAP symbol 🗗 (next to the CLOSE symbol 🗙).

If the OVERLAP symbol 🗗 is shown, click it to enable adjustment of the window size.

After clicking the OVERLAP 🗗 symbol and before adjusting the window size, use Ctrl+ and Ctrl- to zoom the font size to your preference.

(Hold down the Ctrl key and use the + and - keys on the keypad.)

(A zoom indicator box will appear in the url field.)
You can return to normal 100% zoom by just clicking on the number in the zoom indicator box.

Window Size

To adjust the window size, hover the mouse over any edge or corner of the window to show edge-drag arrows ↔ ↕ or corner-drag arrows ⤡ ⤢.

This can be a little tricky because the mouse must hover exactly on the edge or corner.

Click and hold on the arrow that appears and drag it to adjust the window size.


Use Alt← (Alt & Left-Arrow) to go back to a previous point in a document that contains named or bookmarked points.


I ignore "American" punctuation "standards" which were artificially imposed centuries ago in silly ploys to "distinguish" "American" punctuation from English punctuation.

  1.  AM/PM

        Noon is 12:00 AM.   Midnight is 12:00 PM.

        It is not post meridiem (PM) until the INSTANT AFTER Noon, and it is not ante meridiem (AM ) until the INSTANT AFTER Midnight.

        See definitions in CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae , p. 638 in the 20th Edition

        Because of cretins who insist on the opposite absurd "convention", the only way to insure that the actual meaning is conveyed is to use the words "Noon" for "12:00 AM" and "Midnight" for "12:00 PM".

  2.  Commas

        Commas indicate a pause that would occur if the text were spoken out loud. Case in point:

        Commas before and:   In a list of more than two items, use a comma before "and", unless the last two items in a list are more closely related to each other than they are to the other items in the list (in which case there would be no oral pause between the last two items).


        Punctuation inside/outside quotes:

            When text within quotes constitutes a complete sentence, place a period / question mark / exclamation mark inside the quote mark.

            When a quote is at the end of a sentence, ALSO place a period OUTSIDE the quote mark.

        Most importantly, use quotes whenever referring to "President" Trump.

Non-Gender-Specific Singular Pronouns

The English language has no non-gender-specific pronouns.

We often use plural pronouns colloquially to refer to a single person when a gender- specific pronoun would be inappropriate or irrelevant, and wish to avoid repeating the more stilted conventional double term.

Here are some suggestions:

he or she
his or her
him or her

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