Republicans: The Rich are not on your side.

Republican politicians are charlatans or fools or both. They are stuck on trickle-down, the fundamental cynical anthem of the rich, which has been proven a failure. They exploit racism as a distraction from their greed. They see Job #1 as getting re-elected and Job #2 as pandering to the rich. They see no Job #3. In private, they commiserate about the growth of minorities, then in public they sabotage family planning to pander for crazy zealot votes.

Republicans have perfectly valid reasons for not voting for Liberal politicians. Busing and blockbusting created permanent and legitimate views of Liberals as despicable, which have been and always will be passed down from generation to generation. No Liberal politician stands a chance with Republicans unless he or she explicitly and energetically apologizes for these and many other crimes, such as turning teachers into policemen with no time to teach, and cranking out uneducated "graduates".

I have been a registered Republican for 52 years. I was active in Republican youth organizations. I believe in self-reliance, not in promoting dependency. However, in all these years, I have never found a single Republican candidate that I could vote for (except once - Gerald Ford when Jimmy Carter started spouting his "born again" nonsense - I've since learned to think very highly of Jimmy).

I could never understand the rank-and-file Republicans self-identifying with the rich, as if when the rich do well enough they will somehow be motivated to take care of the rest of us. And jobs. Jobs? The worst job losses in history have all been under Republican administrations pandering to the rich. Ike nobly rebuffed and taxed the greedy rich and started infrastructure projects which not only created jobs but now continue to serve as fundamental necessities for our way of life; since then it has been impossible to pry infrastructure funding from Republican politicians, whose parasite masters want every penny kept within their reach. Spoiler alert: No business ever created a job that it did not expect to make a profit on. Their only goal is to maximize the profit a job makes for them by spending as little on wages, benefits, and working conditions as they can get away with. The Rich would be fine with slavery, regardless of race, and if it weren't for government that's exactly what they would have.

I also cannot understand how rank-and-file Republicans fail see the primary purpose of government, which is to protect the citizens from the Rich! They just keep voting for the trickle-down liars who pander to their racism.

Government collects taxes. Boo! But with just one little miniscule additional bit of thought comes the realization is that the purpose of those taxes is to INVEST in things we all need (infrastructure jobs, education, medical care, unpatentable research, etc.) that the Rich don't care about, particularly now that they have become obsessively focused on short-term profit with no interest in building for the long term.

White males are not inherently racist, contrary to Liberal dogma. White males want to work hard and be left alone. Their politics are simple: personal responsibility. An appreciation for self-reliance is not racism. Liberal policies are not an option for them, and Republican politicians are bought-and-paid-for shills for special interests, so they have no reason to vote. White males are realists, not whiners. They have suffered in silence the fact that they have not been represented in Washington for decades, and finally came to the polls when someone showed an interest in them. The sheer depth of how much Liberals are despised by Middle Class whites is demonstrated by their willingness to turn a blind eye to Trump's vile character. (I can't stand to even hear his voice.)

Scrap the Cap to Save Social Security. Tax the rich to invest in America, especially in infrastructure jobs projects. Reinstate the 90% tax rate for high incomes. Tax idle financial holdings over $50 million at 100% - no one needs more than $50 million. Tear down monopolies (they're everywhere-$200 a month for cable!). Cancel abused patents ($600 for an Epipen!). Remove business-as-usual corruption from legislative processes. Require all legislators to record and publish verbatim all discussions with lobbyists and other special interests; they are working on our dime, not anyone else's. Establish a single-payer system informed by mistakes made by other countries. Fund educational institutions to go into direct competition with for-profit culprits, particularly the criminal pharmaceutical industry, who suppress and sabotage any development that might interfere with an existing profit stream. Come up with ways to deal with illegal immigration without encouraging more of the same, such as helping people combat corruption in their country of origin, often caused by American corporations or their legacies. Recognize and champion the understanding that profit is never a motivation to do the right thing; it is instead motivation to do evil.

Now for the damned Liberals.