Liberals: What you got wrong.

I am a 70-year-old white male and consider myself a liberal philosophically. I believe in many of the same dreams. However, those now on the national stage who have appointed themselves as stewards of Liberal Progress have been seriously out of touch with reality. They have done more harm than good, only increasing racism.

White males want to work hard and be left alone. Their politics are simple: personal responsibility.

With the exception of a minority of stupid, loud, cowardly, poorly-raised attention-seeking idiots, mostly with Southern roots, white males were not vociferously racist. Then came the Liberals, who missed the simple fact that white males are not whiners. They have suffered in silence their lack of representation in Washington for decades while Liberals spent Middle Class taxes on the poor, being too corrupt and cowardly to tax the Rich, and while corrupt greedy Republicans robbed them at every turn. Some of them finally came to the polls when someone showed an interest in them and their concerns. The sheer depth of how much Liberal politicians are despised by mainstream whites is demonstrated by their willingness to turn a blind eye to Trump's vile character. (I can't stand to even hear his voice, or those of his cronies - every utterance a lie, a cynical spin.)

Here are some examples of the long history of Liberals fomenting racism and creating a divide that will never change:

Liberals created millions of permanent, unforgiving racists when they sent the sheriffs to kidnap our children from relative good schools and neighborhoods and physically forced them to go to rotten schools in rotten neighborhoods. This is very old news, but it defined Liberals for all time. The visceral reaction to this has been and always will be passed on from generation to generation. Those who lived through this and other Liberal nightmares have seen no point in going to the polls, until now when they have been lured by Trump's endless lies.

After Reagan as California governor "balanced his budget" by shutting down mental health facilities, cops and teachers were handed the job, with no training or any other new resources, of dealing with people suffering mental health issues. Liberals insisted that children with serious behavioral problems be kept in mainstream classes, turning our teachers overnight into policemen with little time for teaching. The children with problems were not helped by this; instead, they dragged down the entire population until we have been left with schools that kids dread to go to, and grossly damaged perceptions of what constitutes "normal" or acceptable behavior. All schools need to be adequately funded by their chief beneficiaries - the Rich.

Liberals decided the purpose of school is to give all children baseless reasons to feel good about themselves, instead of teaching them how much they still need to learn. Liberals gave us "graduates" who can't read their own diplomas, and who expect incessant praise for simply doing the jobs they are paid to do. Liberals gave us teachers' unions whose only "plan" to deal with bad teachers is perpetual, complete-waste-of-time-and-money "retraining", instead of firing them for cause on the spot. Liberals have made schools that are cynically for-profit or promote yet another mindless religion attractive.

Liberals introduced racist anti-white Affirmative Action programs. The 49% have no problem with programs that disproportionally benefit the poor, as long as they are open to everyone, but Liberals failed to think through the problem at all; they just mindlessly pandered for minority votes. No rich kid ever loses any privileges through reverse discrimination; it is the poorest white kid that is denied, on the basis of race, the job, housing, health care, educational assistance, or other taxpayer-supported benefit that he or she would have otherwise just barely qualified for. The racism fomented by these programs far outweighs any other effects for half of America!

This one gets the Liberals climbing the walls: Liberals generally agree that if someone knowingly does damage to another person's propery, the victim is entitled to fair compensation and restraint of such actions. Liberals, however, hold forth the false principle that in cases where the damage is rooted in the racism of persons other than the victims, that victims not only have no right to compensation or any other assistance, they must be condemned for even seeking it. People who saw their hard-earned property values disappear and the quality of life in their neighborhoods erode know that they and their children's futures were knowingly damaged by blockbusting and are entitled to fair compensation. Liberals are outraged at the idea. Liberals think that they are entitled to promote the victimization of innocent people, as long as the victims are white and the perpetrators or beneficiaries are black, Hispanic, or other minorities. Liberals demanded that we pretend that blockbusting did not result in a general decline in the quality of life in our native neighborhoods, and drove us out of the cities where our jobs are, sentencing us to years of commuting for hours every day just so we can live in a decent neighborhood, adding insult to the injury of tremendous loss of hard-earned property values. They turned millions of people who didn't care much about race into life-long racists. Of course the self-styled Liberal politicians did not suffer personal damage - they felt and feel entitled to make the Middle Class absorb all the damage they cause. That is who they are, and always will be. Vote them out, but don't replace them with criminal Republicans!

This is the crux of the problem -
Liberals who do not disavow and condemn reverse discrimination will never get the support of the 49%.

Falsely self-styled "liberal" or "progressive" politicians pander to corporations by putting forth candidates like DINO NAFTA Bill and (historically) TPP Hillary, the polar opposites of what the Middle Class needs, while sabotaging better candidates like Bernie.

Liberals held the Presidency and both houses of Congress, but failed to tax the rich and begin infrastructure jobs projects or establish a single-payer health system when they had the chance, showing that they are just as corrupt as anyone else. When GM closed profitable factories in Flint to make a little more profit in Mexico, Liberals should have had the foresight, courage, and patriotism to call for nationalization of the abandoned factories and putting people back to work in direct competition with GM's Mexico operations. You failed.

The TPP and the Monsanto Protection Act aside, those of us who elected Barack Obama as President can be fairly proud of him. However, we have to admit that we definitely elected a black president too soon, because in doing so we gave Republicans unprecedented power to exploit racism as never before. We enabled them to commit outrage after outrage which were tolerated by the racist Republican rank-and-file under the umbrella of "anything against the black man". We should have foreseen this and elected Hillary then instead. Obama should have foreseen this too. We let the Rich keep our focus on the crime of racism as a perpetually effective distraction from their worldwide crimes of corruption and exploitation.

Liberals need to stop focusing solely on getting re-elected, rise above their mindless, knee-jerk, vote-pandering "solutions" for racism, acknowledge and apologize for fomenting racism, and demand meaningful progress that benefits all citizens (even if it means actually helping the Middle Class!):

Scrap the Cap to Save Social Security. Tax the rich to invest in America, especially in infrastructure jobs projects. Reinstate the 90% tax rate for high incomes. Tax idle financial holdings over $50 million at 100% - no one needs more than $50 million. Tear down monopolies (they're everywhere). Cancel abused patents ($600 for an Epipen!). Remove business-as-usual corruption from legislative processes at all levels. Require all legislators to record and publish verbatim all discussions with lobbyists and other special interests; they are working on our dime, not anyone else's. Establish a single-payer system informed by mistakes made by other countries. Fund educational institutions to go into direct competition with for-profit culprits, particularly the criminal pharmaceutical industry policymakers, who suppress and sabotage any development that might interfere with an existing profit stream, and gouge as much as they can get away with. Come up with ways to deal with illegal immigration without encouraging more of the same, such as helping people combat corruption in their country of origin, often caused by American corporations and their legacies. Recognize and champion the understanding that profit is never a motivation to do the right thing; it is instead motivation to do evil.

Stop giving free airtime to racist outrages - you only encourage them. Focus on getting the Electoral College to honor the popular vote! Focus on achieving a Trump-veto-proof Congress in 2018. Bend over backwards to inspire the 49% - stop asking them to bend over the other way!

Now for the damned Republicans.