Guns and Predators

I am an avid target shooter. I like to tell my hunter friends that anyone who believes they have the right to hunt should be allowed to, but only each other. I envision a large area in the Australian outback with higher levels of weaponry allowed the deeper in you go - fisticuffs at the perimeter, then edged weapons, small arms, heavier carried weapons, two-man machine guns, tanks and artillery, fighters and bombers and small missiles, and, of course, in the center, duking it out with nukes.

Humanity needs to rise above creating unnecessary suffering. The thrill of the kill does not justify taking the chance of a bad hit. Nature provides enough cruelty - we don't need to add to it. Hunting is never a "sport".

Nature's great "plan" for virtually every living thing is for it to be eaten alive or die of hunger, thirst, injury, or disease. There is nothing beautiful or magnificent about predators - they are the result of millions of years of mindless random mutations and natural selection. If you are prone to spouting drivel about needing predators or human hunters to "thin the herd" to avoid overpopulation and starvation, then instead of removing the biggest, healthiest animal you can find from the gene pool you could take the trouble to learn how to identify the genetically weakest in the group and shoot it with a contraceptive dart. If this doesn't do it for you, you are just another animal filled with blood lust, the world would be a better place without you, and you should be fed to a bear. Same goes for people who choose lifestyles where they are dependent on hunting or, even worse, trapping.

Humanity needs to rise above cowardly obsession with having control over others. Humanity needs to realize that we are no longer in the wilderness, and that with thoughtful cooperation everyone's needs can be met without resorting to violence. It's people like you that keep the world an unpleasant place.

The best we can hope for is to last long enough to develop the technology to rise above our entrapment in organic existence and make nature optional. Then we can free all other self-aware life from the vicissitudes of organic existence.

Sane people have always "infringed" on your nonsensical interpretation of the Second Amendment, fed to you by greedy gun manufacturers, the NRA, and the politicians they have corrupted, otherwise there would be no laws keeping you bozos from walking around with RPGs and driving tanks through town. The Founders had no conception of modern weaponry, or of a society that lets loonies run around loose (which began with Governor Ronald Reagan closing mental hospitals in California for "budgetary" reasons - Nancy's astrologer must have been really high that day).

The last thing any of us want is for you survivalists and "preparers" to have weapons of any kind. If there is an apocalypse, we will all be united with the first priority - taking you guys out before you can set up your insane misogynous brutal fiefdoms. You are nothing but brainless stooges who swallow all the bullshit the gun manufacturers shove down your throats. You waste your lives obsessed with a doomsday that will never come, as your excuse to never man-up and actually do anything constructive. People who are paranoid about having their guns taken away should have their guns taken away.

Anyone who points a weapon at a peace officer belongs in jail, even in Nevada.

I also remember the retired NYC police psychiatrist who said in his memoirs "in 35 years as a police psychiatrist, I never met a cop who should be allowed to carry a gun". Every action by a law enforcement officer should be recorded.

Every cop should be wearing a camera that shows what he or she sees. Every firearm should have 2 operating internet cameras, one pointed at the target, the other pointed at the shooter's face. Prevention of real-time public display of recordings for more than 24 hours should require a court order in every instance. Every firearm should have computerized scans of a sample fired bullet stored at the manufacturer's facility and available online to law enforcement to compare to crime scene evidence. The NRA should be required to maintain a database of gun owners and their weapons, available to law enforcement with a court order. No secret courts. No secret court orders. When we are invaded by Canada, the NRA can destroy the database.

Anyone who fantisizes about going into battle against our own troops needs to be locked up, not listened to.

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