Artificial Genetic Modifications

Every gene performs multiple functions. The same or highly similar genes perform different functions in different organisms, and have inter-genetic and epigenetic interactions that we are just beginning to discover (let alone understand) that affect other genes. In nature, mutations are vetted by years to eons of natural selection. Artificial genetic mutations bypass this vetting process, allowing horrendously accelerated establishment of infection of the entire environment with mutations that natural processes would have eliminated or that would have never occurred in nature.

Anyone who claims to know, or worse yet has convinced themselves, that they can predict every effect of a single artificial mutation on a single organism, let alone the environment in general, has no business making GM policy.

As a species, we are precipitously close to failing the "dumb" test. So far we have managed to avoid destroying ourselves with the toys in our nuclear arsenals and our nanotech, chemical, and biological weapons labs, but we are well on our way to polluting and poisoning our way out of existence for the sake of greed.

One reason we haven't been able find other intelligences is that the most successful members of a neophyte society tend to be the ruthless and self-absorbed, for whom short-term profit is god, and for whom any delay in raking in profits is anathema. These are the war profiteers, polluters, and poisoners who run the world. They see everything and everyone, including each other, as nothing but resources to exploit. They are the best organized, followed by the zealots and then the rest of us.

Biotech and nanotech will inevitably lead to an ELE unless this kind of research is moved off-world, ideally into an orbit that requires a constant external re-supply of reaction mass to keep such facilities from falling into the Sun.

Subverting labeling and shilling for Monsanto are shameful, and tells everyone who you really are and what you really stand for.

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