Our Ancestors Had Sex

Our Ancestors Had Sex

Over billions of years, life evolved to reproduce both sexually and asexually.

Organisms that reproduce sexually developed an attraction to a healthy appearance, and the gene pools of those who did not develop this attraction died out.

From our ancient, pre-primate ancestors to the Humans of today, the attraction to a healthy appearance has not usually been specifically thought about in terms of "health" but simply in terms of "attractiveness", however what people consider "attractive" features survived because the attraction is based on health and other factors that enabled our gene pools to survive.

Sex-based organisms exist today because their ancestors developed instincts, preferences, and behaviors that promoted survival of their own gene pool.

Although the opposite is true in some species, in Humans, other primates, and many other species, each gender developed different overall skeletal and muscular traits, so that, on average, men tended to be bigger and stronger than women, particularly in terms of upper body strength.

As a result of this advantage, generally, men got their way using brute strength, which required minimal intelligence, while women got their way using cleverness and manipulation, which required much higher intelligence, resulting in the development of two subspecies: smarter women and dumber men.

(I am quite serious about this.  I am a 74-year-old white male who has worked with both the mentally challenged and with some of the most intelligent scientists and engineers on the planet, and, of course, everything in between.  It has been obvious to me in all of my experience that the average woman is smarter than the average man, and in meetings with top-level leaders in their respective field, if there were ANY women in the room, the smartest person in the room was a woman.  Women also excel over men in many other ways, such as greater dexterity and mental focus in a professional environment, which make them better jet pilots, for example.)

While men are disinclined to admit it even to themselves, they are intimidated by women's superiority, and attempt to deny this reality by overemphasizing, to themselves as well as everyone else, the importance of what physical advantages they may have been born with, and what economic and other career success they may have had (largely as a result of the disadvantages to women men have built into our economic and social systems).

This denial of reality and petty self-aggrandizement is the source of Misogyny, which is the greatest failure of all Mankind.

While the term "Misogyny" may be too strong a term to apply to all men, who don't actually "hate" women, it broadly covers male traits that are a reaction to how they feel about themselves in relation, and in comparison, to women.

The following may seem a little extreme and off the wall ... the English language does not have the words to adequately describe what I am attempting to convey, and I do not intend to imply any sort of religious connotation, even though the words I may choose are rife with them, but I believe that deep down, under all the denial and ego, men actually "worship" women.  After all, nearly every woman, during some considerable portion of her life, if she wants to, can actually Create Life!

Men contribute some hybrid vigor with immunities against diseases that have not previously challenged a woman's ancestral gene pool, but that is a relatively small contribution compared to the physical ability and self-sacrifice required to turn an egg into a healthy Human Being, and usually being the primary caregiver for decades.

In reaction to comparing themselves to women, men, again, overemphasize the importance of what they think of as "male" traits.  They go so far as to try to convince themselves, each other, and even women as well, that women are "lesser beings", even "sub-humans".  Men will try to "select" mates that they think they can "look down on", "control", "own", "take for granted".

All of this, the weak, cowardly, male egos, make "healthy relationships" difficult or impossible.

Some relationships get by through ignoring the conflicts, pretending that they don't exist or are not important, while the damage only gets worse.

Some relationships are only for convenience or otherwise shallow enough to weather the conflicts.

Other relationships include the Fondness, Love, and most importantly, Trust to work through the conflicts and put them to rest.

One of the most successful approaches is to understand our base instincts, rise above them, and even find ways to enjoy them, such as through some mutual tongue-in-cheek Role Playing.


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