The "Sanctity" of Marriage

Political and religious "leaders" keep bandying about the term "Sanctity of Marriage". Boy, are these guys out of touch.

Now that a parent can break up their children's family just by standing up in front of a judge and claiming "irreconcilable differences", there no longer is anything "sacred" about marriage vows.

There was a time that it was not so easy to end a marriage and turn everyone's life upside down. It was considered one's duty to try to work things out for the sake of the children, even if the effort took years. The best interests of the children were given full consideration and priority over either parent's preferences and failings of the moment.

The failure of the legal system, then and now, to protect women and children, and a few men, from abusive situations led to the liberalization of the divorce laws. The legal system has been and continues to be resistant to enforcing existing laws which prohibit abusive behavior. This resistance comes from male-domination of the legal system, including legislators, judges, and police, and their unevolved, often religion-and-culture-biased dogma regarding "a man's rights". This failure has resulted in a culture of knee-jerk reactionary pro-female anti-male attitude in some courts, as well as in the schools.

The pendulum needs to swing back to the middle. Existing criminal laws need to be enforced regardless of the relationship of the parties. In cases where no abuse is involved, parents should be held accountable to the highest standards for keeping their children's family together.

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