We are all experiments of nature. The fundamental focus of all living organisms is perpetuation of the gene pool - otherwise none of us would be here. The primitive reaction to the concept of homosexuality is a result of the fact that homosexuals contribute to this fundamental focus indirectly rather than directly. Many people cannot get past this first reaction (particularly those with unresolved issues regarding their own sexual orientation). They disregard the outstanding contributions of gays to improvement of everyone's quality of life through the arts, music, literature, science, and all other aspects of life. The very fact that LGBTQ people are born with a fundamentally different perspective facilitates the development of creative and critical thinking beyond that of the average person, from which the rest of us can learn and benefit.

I am not entirely unbiased on this subject. I happen to be straight, but the amount of time I get to spend with my girlfriend (a teacher who works with severely disabled and emotionally disturbed children) is often inversely proportional to how well she is getting along with her girlfriend, who is also smart, funny, and attractive, and a world-traveling medical doctor (pediatrician) specializing in childhood infectious diseases, and a world-class children's health activist - a lot to compete with. I am in awe of both of them.

People who seek to prevent LGBTQ citizens from enjoying equal rights are in fact themselves the "perverts", completely obsessed with what other people do with their own bodies, which is simply none of their damned business!

Political and religious "leaders" keep bandying about the term "sanctity of marriage", particularly when bemoaning same-sex marriage.

The first step of the solution is to invoke the principle of separation of church and state, and recognize marriage licenses for what they are - a default pre-nuptial agreement creating a contract which invokes certain legal rights and responsibilities as well as covering issues that are not definitized by existing laws. The contract becomes effective upon agreement of the parties and authorization by a person licensed by the state. This contract is separate from the personal and religious vows made at the ceremony.

No change in the law should be required to allow any couple (or group) to enter into an unlicensed marriage with or without a ceremony; any such prohibitions should be eliminated. It should be law that a marriage ceremony does not invoke any legal rights until and unless a legal license has been filed. (This should also apply to cohabitation, palimony precedents notwithstanding.)

Marriage license applications should spell out the legal rights and responsibilities that will be invoked at the time of marriage, and provide for standard pre-nuptial language and choices. (This would have the added benefit of preventing some hasty marriages.) This would reduce the issues regarding whether or not the license invokes spousal benefits from employers and government, and whether or not any party has new rights such as adoption, visitation, etc.

If people want to hold hands, have a ceremony, and call themselves married, it's nobody's business. If they want spousal benefits, it's up to the legislators to see if they can find the funding while providing equal protection under the law.

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