Our politics and businesses are corrupt from top to bottom, but the reason everyone wants to come to America is because it is so much less corrupt than everywhere else.

We are far too tolerant of our politicians wallowing in corruption every day.

Corrupt practices are routine in Congress, for both parties:

Burdening the Middle Class instead of taxing the rich.
Accepting anonymous donations.
Representing war-profiteers, polluters, and other financial backers instead of constituents.
Repeating the lie that Trickle Down ever worked for anyone but the rich.
Repeating the lie that corporations can ever be trusted to put the Greater Good ahead of profits.
Passing tax breaks that are only available to the rich.
Passing benefits for Congressmen and Senators that are not available to the general public.

Ignoring scientific reality.
Failing to uphold the principle of separation of Church and State.
Imposing religion on others.
Leveraging ignorance and superstition to satisfy your greed.

Letting the majority party decide which bills will even be discussed, let alone voted on.
Giving one person the power to decide what will be voted on.
Holding up a bill that a majority of the body wants to vote on.
Holding up a bill that a majority of the minority wants to vote on.
Holding a vote without providing time to read and discuss a bill.
Voting on a bill without ever reading it and understanding its overall impacts.
Trading votes.
Routine hostage-taking with self-serving unrelated and off-topic amendments.
Lack of rules for filibusters.


Voter supression.
Drowning out the opposition with corporate or other rich parasite ad money.
Hiring shills to drown out opponents at gatherings.
Hiring shills to misrepresent your level of public support.
Leveraging racism.
Inciting violence.

Spending most of your time focused on the next election instead of doing your job.

Stooping to Donald Trump's level.

Taking Budget and Debt Ceiling legislation hostage is not just corrupt, it is traitorous.

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